• Want to learn to shoot - how do I go about it? 

There are two options 
• Become a member with Maharashtra Rifle Association [MRA] 
• Enroll for the "Rifle or Pistol" Basic Course and learn the basic techniques of Rifle/Pistol Shooting and then decide whether 
you wish to continue 
Our Advice: Join the basic course before applying for the MRA membership. The courses are compact, well designed, conducted in a systematic manner by coaches who have won (in the least) Medals at the National Championship. The Basic Course will give you a "fun" introduction to the Art of Marksmanship. The Course will help you to make an informed decision - on things like; how much you like the sport, do you have the talent or aptitude for it, whether the membership opted by you should be annual or life etc. We at the MRA would like you to become a member with us only after you are convinced that this is a sport you would like to pursue. 

• I have never shot before and do not know whether to select Pistol Shooting or Rifle shooting 
This is a very difficult call. A lot of factors should be considered before you choose a particular category for e.g. - Body Structure - If you have a strong upper body - you may be more suited for Pistol shooting. Both Rifle and Pistol shooting are amazing and most people seem to instantly belong to one of the two but if you are unable to decide or are unsure then please speak with an experienced shooter of national or international repute or visit the MRA shooting ranges with prior appointment and the Chief Coach would assist you in making a decision. 
• What do I learn in the basic course? 
You are taught the fundamental techniques of target shooting in a systematic, structured manner by a coach who is at least a National medalist. The basic technique is taught on a Target Model Air Gun. Air Gun shooting is a very important event and is shot at all competitions - District level, State level, National level and at all the major International competitions including the Olympic Games. Abhinav Bindra won the gold medal for India at the Olympic Games, 2008 in the Air Rifle Event. There is a perception that Air Gun shooting is for beginners. We start all shooting with Air Guns because we believe it is the safest, and the optimum mode of learning the basics. Also the technique of shooting would be the same for all guns. 
• Can I shoot if I have poor/weak eye sight? 
Surely, a lot of our top shooters do not have a 20/20 vision and still shoot very well. All you need is corrected vision. 
• Is it a problem to pursue the sport if I am left handed? 
You can definitely pursue the sport however you would need specific equipment which the MRA can provide.
• I have a certain physical disability - can I pursue the sport and are there special categories for a 
Physically Challenged person in the competitions at various levels. 
The answer to the above questions is "Yes". 
• What is the Fee of the basic course and what is the duration? 
The Basic Pistol /Rifle Course fee:  
Persons normally domiciled in Maharashtra Rs.5000/-  
PIO's, OCI's, Persons normally domiciled outside of Maharashtra Rs.7000/-  
Arms license holders & foreigners Rs.10000/-  
The course consists of four sessions of 1& 1/2 - 2 hours each. Most of the courses are held on weekends.  
The Pistol course is conducted on 2 weekends - Saturdays Evenings between 5.00p.m. - 7 p.m. and Sundays between 11.00a.m - 1.00p.m.  
The duration of the sessions of the Rifle course is 2 hours, however the timings are more flexible as per the convenience of the group.  
A person desirous of signing up for the basic course must submit the course enrolment form along with the course fee, copy of his passport and one passport size photograph to the MRA office. You may ask the MRA office to mail you the course enrolment forms and details of required document. The MRA office will inform the individual, of the next course as and when it is announced. If a particular course, announced by the MRA, is not convenient to the individual, he is free to decline from joining that course. However after affirmation and no intimation within 48 hours prior to the commencement of the course, the individual would be bound to attend that course. 

Rifle Shooting Basic Course Form
Pistol Shooting Basic Course Form
• Will I get a certificate on completion of the course? 
As of now MRA is not issuing any certificates for those who undergo the basic course. 
• When do I get to shoot with Firearms? 
We at MRA do not encourage you to shoot Firearms until you are reasonably proficient in the Air Weapon event. Air Weapons are the cheapest, safest and most methodical way to learn the art of target shooting. Hence once you achieve that basic level you would be "ready" to use the MRA firearms commensurate with your level of proficiency. [MRA has the Worlds best Firearms and makes it available to all qualified shooters]. 
• Why do I have to learn the safety rules - why are they so important? 
Safety - knowledge of the principles of safe handling of guns and an absolute commitment to the adherence of the rules of safety - is an intrinsic part of the sport of shooting. The sport of shooting uses guns as equipment and Guns can be lethal. All Guns are and should be treated as objects which can cause the ultimate grievous damage and if one decides to use them, then it must be done with great responsibility and knowledge of safety rules. People who do not undertake to shoulder this responsibility with utmost care should not take up this sport. When anyone handles a Gun he owes it to himself and all those around him to follow all the rules of safety so that he does not cause any harm. If we at the MRA did not ensure that safety rules are observed at all times, most people would be too scared to visit a shooting range and rightly so. ALL SHOOTERS OF MAHARASHTRA AND ALL THOSE PERSONS WHO ARE DESIROUS OF SHOOTING ON THE MRA RANGES, MUST COMPLETE THE SAFETY COURSE AND SUBMIT AN UNDERTAKING CUM IDEMNITY BOND [PROVIDED BY THE MRA] TO THE MRA 
All persons handling a firearm would be absolutely safe ONLY if they obeyed all the safety rules meticulously at all times 
• How can I complete the Safety Course and what is the Course Fee? 
MRA conducts a Safety Course once every fifteen days on Saturday evening or Sunday morning An individual must enroll for the safety course by making a payment of the Course Fee of Rs 500/- which is inclusive of the Undertaking cum Indemnity Bond. The Office of the MRA will inform, enrolled persons, of the exact time and date of the Safety Course. 
• What is the Safety Course and the Declaration cum Indemnity Bond? 
The Safety Course is a 1 - 1.5 hour course whereby an individual is taught the rules of safe handling of guns. The course does not include any instruction on the art/technique of shooting. THIS IS A MANDATORY COURSE. Only after completion of the safety course and submission of the Undertaking cum Indemnity bond [issued by MRA] duly signed and notarized is an individual permitted to shoot. Only safety courses conducted by the MRA are recognized by the MRA 
• There is no affiliated Rifle Club/District Rifle Association in my area - How can I pursue the sport. 
In Maharashtra, where there are no affiliated Rifle Clubs a shooter could participate in competitions by enrolling as a Temporary Member of the MRA [please look for "Temporary Membership" in the "How to join MRA" page]. You could call us or mail your specific queries regarding training and other assistance to MRA. The Temporary Membership is a special membership granted to shooters from areas of Maharashtra where there are no recognized / affiliated Units at the sole discretion of the MRA. This membership will only assist the shooter to participate in recognized competitions as per the rules of that competition. . The temporary membership fee is Rs 200/- per annum. 
MRA offers Life and Ordinary membership. For persons normally domiciled in Maharashtra:  
Life Membership: Rs 50000/-  
For Individuals below 18 years Rs 35000/-  
Ordinary Membership: Rs18000/-entrance fee,  
Rs. 3500/- Yearly Renewal  
For Individuals below 18 years Rs 12000/- entrance fee  
Rs 2000/- Yearly Renewal  
Fee are to be paid before the 31st of March every year.  
Documents to be submitted:  
• Membership enrolment form duly completed  
• Cheque for Membership fee  
• Self attested Passport copy or any other Proof of Residence (like copy of electricity bill/telephone bill, Ration Card etc) 
• 6 recent passport size photographs  
• In the case of individuals below the age of 18 – birth certificate  
• In the case of arms license holders – self attested copy of the (complete) Arms license  
For persons who are citizens of India but not normally domiciled in Maharashtra, PIO’s and OCI’s  
Ordinary Membership: Rs. 25000/- entrance fee, 
Rs. 5000/- Yearly Renewal Fee to be paid before the 31st of March every year 
Additional documents  
(Please note that the documents mentioned above along with the additional documents mentioned below would be required) 
• Proof of Present Residential Address  
• Letter from the employer organisation /education institution  
• Copy of PIO/OCI document  
1. Student Target Shooter  
Eligibility: Students below the age of 21.  
Registration Fee: Rs 1000/- p.a.  
Documents required:  
• Application form for Registration as ‘Student Target Shooter’ enrolment form duly completed along with attestation from the  
educational institution  
• Self attested Passport copy or any other Proof of Residence (like copy of electricity bill/telephone bill, Ration Card etc) 
• 2 recent passport size photographs  
• Birth Certificate  
2. Registration by BMC/POLICE/MILITARY PERSONNEL for the use of MRA Shooting Ranges  
Eligibility: BMC/POLICE/MILITARY PERSONNEL in service  
Documents to be submitted:  
• Registration Form duly completed  
• Registration Fee: Rs 1000/- p.a.  
• Recommendation of Commanding Officer  
• Proof of Service  
• 2 recent passport size photographs  
3. Temporary Membership  
(Available only to those shooters belonging to districts/taluka’s of Maharashtra where there are no affiliated/registered units of the MRA in existence) 
Fee: Rs 200/- per annum.  
Documents to be submitted: 
• Application form ‘Temporary Membership Form’ for enrolment as Temporary Member duly completed.  
• Self attested Passport copy or any other Proof of Residence (like copy of electricity bill/telephone bill, Ration Card etc) 
• 2 recent passport size photographs  
• Birth Certificate  
• I am an Arms License Holdercan I practice with my licensed gun on the MRA range? Do I have to become a Life Member of the MRA? 
No you do not have to become a life or ordinary member of the MRA, to use the MRA ranges. An Arms License Holder can register himself by making an application on a specific form for Arms License Holders for practice at the MRA shooting Range.  
Rs 5000/- Registration Fee [non refundable] 
Rs 5000/- Security Deposit [refundable] 
Total fee: Rs 10000/-  

• Once I register myself as an Arms License holder are there additional charges that I would be required to pay for the use of the range? 
Yes. For every time you use the range you would be paying Rs. 450/- Yes. For every time you use the range you would be paying Rs. 450/- Protection model guns can be used ONLY at the special range accommodated at the MRA s 50M range. MRA members would pay a charge of Rs 150/- every time this range is used and all other members of affiliated clubs would pay a charge of Rs 300/-  
• What is the Interview/Personal Meeting? 
We like to meet all persons who are desirous of becoming members of the MRA. The purpose of this meeting is to get to know our future members better. 
• Besides the charge/expense of membership Fee - are there other additional expenses which an 
individual will have to incur to pursue the sport? 
Yes, there are other expenses like the range usage charges, weapon usage charges, registration fee, safety course and undertaking cum indemnity bond fee etc. Some of these charges are a onetime charge but some of them are recurring charges. Like registration fee and safety course and undertaking cum indemnity bond fee are a onetime charge but range and weapon usage charges are recurring. The Pellets/ammunition that MRA will issue to you as per your requirement also are recurring costs. On an average a shooter would spend [approximately] about Rs 5000/- to 6000/- yearly for the range and weapon usage charges. The expense on pellets/ammunition and targets would also be incurred by the shooter 
• If I want to start shooting would I need to have my own gun? 
The MRA has all the best imported equipment and the shooter does not have to possess a gun of his own to pursue the sport of target shooting. 
• What do I require to be able to start shooting? 
You require a membership [with all formalities completed] submission of Declaration cum Indemnity Bond after completion of the Safety Course and payment of all other related charges. Guns are provided by the MRA 
• Is there a lot of paper work/formalities, before commencing the actual training in shooting? 
We at the MRA realize that the procedures for enrolling as a member are complex and tedious. We sincerely apologise for the difficulty that is caused due to this and hope that this does not deter our probable members/shooters from pursuing the sport. We urge all concerned, to bear with us and appreciate the fact that this sport unlike other sports deals with guns. The inherent feature of the sporting equipment and the skill of marksmanship can be misused by undesirable elements of society and it is only due to MRA’s desire to keep the sport clean, safe and clear of undesirable elements that we work tirelessly towards this goal. We once again apologise to all our members / prospective members/shooters and appeal to one and all to support us to achieve our goal of a safe, clean, and fair sport.