Safety Rules

These rules are strictly enforced at the MRA Shooting Ranges. Please acquaint yourself with them thoroughly and abide by them at all times. 
Hundreds of people are killed each year in accidents involving firearms. This is not because of any malfunctioning of the mechanism, neither is it on account of lack of knowledge about safety. Most persons, who cause gun accidents, know the safety principles perfectly well, they are merely careless. 
Every person using a firearm must meticulously follow safety rules. Considering that precious lives are at stake, absolute discipline is a must. All the safety rules are to be observed at all times. You will always be safe with a Gun, if you scrupulously follow the rules given below: 

1  Treat a gun with respect at all times – it is not a plaything.  

2  Always point a gun ‘down the range’ whether you are shooting, dry firing, or aiming. ‘Down Range’ means towards target / Butt wall / Sand Bank or the corresponding area of the firing point which is made of Steel or Sand to stop the Bullets. I SHALL ALWAYS POINT THE GUN [BARREL] IN THE DIRECTION OF THE SHOOTING RANGE ONLY.  

3  A gun must always be kept unloaded except when you are actually firing it. Before putting the Gun down on the table, always unload it, making sure that the magazine is out and the chamber is free of live or empty cartridges. I SHALL NEVER PUT A GUN DOWN ON THE TABLE IN A LOADED CONDITION. 

4  Even if someone tells you a gun is unloaded, always assume it is loaded, until you have yourself checked, to make sure it is unloaded. Do not forget that all Guns are always to be treated as if they are loaded. 

5  Every time you handle a Gun you must check the condition [loaded or unloaded] of the Gun. Even if you have yourself packed the Gun and put it in the case - the next time you take it out of the case you must open the action/chamber and make sure that the Gun is unloaded. EVERY TIME I HANDLE A GUN I SHALL FIRST CHECK THE CONDITION OF THE GUN. 

6  In the case of a pistol, always keep the bolt/block/slide open and in the case of a revolver, always keep cylinder open except when you are actually shooting. I SHALL ALWAYS KEEP THE GUN UNLOADED EXCEPT WHEN I AM ACTUALLY FIRING. 

7  As soon as a command for “CEASE FIRE” is given, unload your Gun immediately, remove the magazine, open the action / cylinder, take out all live or empty cartridges and place it on the table, barrel pointing down the range. In the case of Air Guns open the breach / lever and place Air Gun on the table, barrel pointing down the range. Even in the case of Air Guns you cannot put a loaded gun down on the table. You may handle a gun only after the command “load” or “Commence Fire” is given. AS SOON AS I HEAR THE COMMAND OF CEASE FIRE – I SHALL IMMEDIATELY STOP SHOOTING. I SHALL TOUCH THE GUN FOR SHOOTING ONLY AFTER THE ORDER OF COMMENCE FIRE. 

8  While loading, keep your finger outside the trigger guard. Finger may be placed on the trigger ONLY when you are ready to lift the arm for a shot. 

9  Before touching anybody else’s weapon, take his explicit permission to do so. 
Safety- Additional points 


With all ammunition, particularly Indian ammunition, you often get powder and shreds of lead flying in all directions. These can cause injury to the eyes. It is, therefore, necessary to always wear glasses while shooting. When shooting Air Pistol, this is not essential. 


Pistol shots are extremely loud and dangerous to the ears. Prolonged exposure to pistol/gun shots will cause progressive deafness. It is therefore necessary, to use ear protectors. These can be ear plugs, ear valves, or ear muffs 


All bullet and pellets are made of lead which is a very SOFT and very POISONOUS metal. By merely rubbing a bullet you will get some lead on your hands. Lead is not only toxic, it is also accumulative i.e. it Accumulates in the system. Even small doses are highly dangerous over a period of time. Therefore, the following rules should be followed. Always keep ammunition including Pellets out of reach of children. Even though they may not swallow it, merely handling it or putting in the mouth is dangerous. Always wash your hand after handling ammunition. 


In order to protect Firearms against rust it is necessary to oil them after use. Most oils are harmful and not only that, they contain various chemical, additives which are also very toxic. It is therefore necessary to wash your hands with soap and water after handling weapons as a matter of precaution. The oils must also be kept out of reach of children. 

1  Before occupying the lane, please sign the Lane Register and pay the appropriate Lane Fees. Occupy the lane which may be allotted to you by the range staff /range officer or any senior shooter. 

2  Keep your Club Identity Card and/or Firearms License handy and show it to the Range Officer on Duty when demanded. Obey all commands of the Range Officer or Senior Shooter. 

3  In case you are carrying any loaded and concealable firearm (Revolver/Pistol) it must be taken out from your person and / or bag only when “COMMENCE FIRE’ command is on, and that too only at the firing point/bay after it is allotted and occupied by you. The firearm must be unloaded forthwith, observing all the rules strictly. You are not allowed to take out the loaded firearm from your person or bag during ‘CEASE FIRE’ and / or outside the firing point/bay allotted to you. 

4  On hearing the command ‘CEASE FIRE’ or STOP’ you must unload your weapon, including Magazine forthwith and put it on the table in BREACH OPEN’ condition barrel pointing Down Range. All weapons must remain unloaded and not touched by anyone while the ‘CEASE FIRE’ command is ON. 

5  Nobody is permitted to enter the ranges or move in the MRA premises with weapons in the waist and/ or shoulder Holsters, which can be seen or are visible directly or indirectly, except law enforcing officers on duty. Nobody is permitted to move in any area of the range. Nude Handguns must be kept in the case and can be taken out on the firing point only. 

6  Members who are VIPS or VVIPS and are allotted gunmen, are responsible to acquaint their gunmen with the safety and range rules, Barrels of all the Carbines carried by such gunmen/Bodyguards must be pointing up at all times. 

7  Guests and Family Members are not permitted to shoot or enter your firing point/Bay, unless specific permission has been obtained from the MRA office after completing necessary formalities. 

8  You are totally responsible to acquaint your guest and family members who may accompany you, with all the safety and range rules. You will be liable for disciplinary action in the case of breach or any of the safety or range rules by your guest or family members. 

9  Please observe complete Silence while on the range 

10  Do not disturb the shooters while they are shooting or relaxing as long as they are in the shooting Bay, even if they are your friends. 

11  You are allowed to enter the firing Point/Bay allotted to you. Do not enter the shooting Bay of any other shooter unless you are expressly requested to assist in case of any difficulty. 

12  Please do not Smoke inside the range in any area covered by roof. You may Smoke in the area which is open to the sky or marked for the purpose. Your smoking is injurious to others Health and do not forget that the top ranging shooters of the State and the Nation are also training here. 

13  Follow all the additional safety and range rules put up on the Notice Board from time to time. 
Additional Range Rules 
Use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited on firing line/bay. All mobiles to be kept on silent mode on shooting ranges. 
Before packing your pistol/gun [putting it in the case] seek the range officer’s permission to do so. The range officer will check the barrel of your gun – if it is empty, then he shall give the command “ pack pistol/rifle/gun “. You may pack your pistol/gun only after the command of ‘pack pistol/rifle/gun’ is announced.